About Emotional support animal letter, emotional support dog

A dog is a man’s best friend and at times, a healer too. The love and attachment that one feels with an animal is something that can cure any physical and mental instability. An emotional support dog or ESD is a pet that is recommended by a therapist or medical professional to a person suffering from a mental illness like autism, anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other sufferings related to stress, anxiety, and depression.

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About the emotional support dog

An ESD does not need to be trained by a professional to become an emotional support animal. These special pets are allowed to people who need them desperately at all the times. Spending time with the pet, taking care of the pet and showering all your love and care is an enriching experience that has the potential of healing you in the process. A dog meant for providing emotional support has rights slightly different from other pets. The dog is allowed to live in any property regardless of the fact if there is a ‘no pet policy’ in operation. Apart from that, the airline crew also has to allow the dog to travel in the air. They sit with their owners in the cabin and enjoy the same level of comfort and safety.

However, one does not simply get the right to keep an emotional support pet. The person should have an Emotional support animal letter which is also known as an emotional support certificate. The basic requirement for an ESA letter is to get it signed by a licensed mental health professional who has been in practice for quite a few years. The letter contains the therapist’s official letterhead and can serve as a satisfactory valid proof for up to a period of one year. So, in times of emotional distress, turn to an emotional support pet and we will take care of the rest.