Car Tint Orange County

Sure you love your car but are you just bored by the way it looks? It is time to change the game. And the best way to do is installing temporary tint films. They will completely transform the way your car looks. You might as well feel like owning a brand new car. You can choose from various colour options, Car Tint Orange County being the most popular one because of its quirky bright hue.

They are easier to install and remove like stickers, unlike painting. Also, they deliver far more than just looks.

You can tint your car as well as the windows. A lot of car owners are doing it. Why? See below.

Car Tint Orange County

Benefits of tinting windows of vehicles


  • Tinting the windows can be very helpful during summers. It acts insulation from heat. It can have up to 70% efficiency.
  • Blocks out harmful UV and infrared rays.
  • Prevent glaring of glass, allowing better vision from inside while driving.


Types of tint in market


Metalized film: These are mainly for vehicle body rather than windows. These not only give an elegant shiny look but also keep the passengers inside cool and relaxed.


Dyed Tints: Dyed films make the window screen opaque from outside while still allowing some visibility from inside. This is mainly installed for appearance. If you are on a budget then go for this one.


Carbon Window Tint films: These easy-going films are great for tinting windows.These films have an advantage over metalized and dyed films. As they are non-metallic, they do not interfere with mobile or radio signals and GPS devices. Also unlike Dye tinted windows. They have a longer staying power.


Ceramic film: These are the best of a kind in the market. It tops the list in its functionality. It provides maximum efficiency in guarding harmful heat rays and has an SPF of 1000. It is a bit expensive than the others.


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