Importance of weed control of the lawns

In the lawns, where on one hand there grows beautiful flora to maintain the ecological balance, on the other hand, there also grow some poisonous and unwanted plants that tend to destroy the healthy ones and create a mess in the lawn. Such plants are referred to as weeds and it is of utmost importance to eliminate these at regular intervals. There are basically four methods of weed removal present currently i.e. physical, cultural, biological and chemical, out of which the domain of discussion of this article is about the chemical means, which is commonly called as a weed killer. This article discusses best weed killer for lawns and the proper strategies to apply the same over the lawns.

Best weed killer for lawns

In order to apply the best weed killer for lawns following strategies should be implemented in order to have an effective pest control method over the lawn: –

  • The first step involves the mowing of the excessive grass height so as to make the weeds visible and cut off all of its basic sources of nutrition that aided in its proliferation over the entire lawn.
  • The next step is the identification of the weed and its corresponding best weed killer for lawnsin order to have the compatibility in the action of the weed killer and not damage the healthy plants during its application in the lawns.
  • The amount of the weed killer needs to be decided, calibrated and then used in order to prevent the overuse of the same that might affect the normal flora and also the person applying the same.
  • The grassy weeds that remain aloof of the chemical can be removed manually by any hand tool so that they do not spread out and infect the lawn further.