Arranging money for owning an iPhone is nothing in front of its careful maintenance and ensuring that no permanent or serious damage occurs to it during its lifetime. Because firstly there are a limited number of iPhone service centers that are authorized by Apple and adding to that are the very hefty service charges for the repair of the same. Hence one needs to be very careful during the use of the same and despite the damage, one need not worry regarding the same because finding an authentic service center is not a difficult one. The article mainly discusses where to repair iPhone in Singapore.

where to repair iphone in singapore
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The ones for the cause

Following are some of the authentic service centers for repairing of iPhone in Singapore that provide the best of the services and ensure 100 percent repair: –

  • BreakFixNow- It is one of the service centers of Singapore that offers 30-minute repair service to any type of damage to the handset. It has a robust technology of gorilla glass replacement and even highly skilled technicians who are trained for 4 level motherboard repair that can work and solve easily any form of problem persisting in the internal circuit of the handset. The glass repair costs only $100.
  • Yishun iPhone Repair- It offers repair services to any form of damage within 30 minutes and the services and technicians over here are indeed very fast. The repair charges are as low as $70 and hence can be afforded by the common folks easily.
  • Chinatown- It is one of the cheapest service centers for iPhone repair and charges begin from only $58. Its service takes time up to 1 hour and the majority of its parts are outsourced from China.

Bedok- This service center has the concept of iPhone doctors who are highly skilled in determining the exact problem on the phone and then suggesting the remedial measures accordingly. The total cost starts at only $70.