Ho Chi Minh City College of Pharmacy is the most prestigious and highly ranked department of Saigon College of Medicine and Pharmacy. It is the highly reputed department in the field of pharmacy training. This department is equipped with modern and advanced facilities from practical classrooms to theoretical classrooms to machines and experiments to serve the students in the best way possible. The curriculum of Cao đẳng dược TPHCM is basically designed by keeping the competitive demands of the market and in adherence to the standards of Ministry of Health and Safety. It is consistently updated according to the developing trends within the industry. Moreover, the faculties of the department are not only expert and professional but also surpass in imparting academic excellence to the students and equip them with practical knowledge.

cao đẳng y dược TPHCM
source: caodangyduochcm.edu.vn

How to Enroll in Cao đẳng dược TPHCM  for 2018 Session?

The Cao đẳng dược TPHCM has made changes in the enrollment process for 2018 session. Apart from being high school graduate, the candidates need to apply for courses in one of these three forms:

  • Registering online
  • Visiting the school in person to apply
  • Filling the form and post it to the office address

After graduating from the university, the students would have immense opportunities to choose. They can work as certified clinical pharmacists in hospitals or do quality checks at the pharmacies. Based on your area of interest and capacity you can choose the apt career opportunity. In future also, you will have different career opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry. This is the discipline where you will have no worries regarding unemployment or failing to get the right job in the industry. So, enrol today for 2018 session at Cao đẳng dược TPHCM and make your career in the pharmaceutical industry.